Sturm Lecture Events

Every year, the Astronomy Department is lucky enough to host a prestigious member of the astronomical community for a day or two of astronomical events. The events are centered around a public lecture which draws hundreds of attendees each year. This year, we are thrilled to welcome Professor Meg Urry from Yale and President-elect of the American Astronomical Society. You can read a bit more about her public talk at the Sturm Lecture page. There will be multiple opportunities to hear Professor Urry speak over the next couple of days, and we hope you will join us for some (or all!) of them.

Wednesday, 4/2, 4pm, in Exley 058
WesWIS/Astro talk: “Women in Science: Why so Few?”
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Wednesday, 4/2, 8pm in CFA Hall
Sturm Lecture: “Black Holes, Galaxies, and the Evolution of the Universe”
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Thursday, 4/3, 12pm in Woodhead Lounge
The Center for Faculty Career Development will host a conversation with Prof. Urry about inclusive pedagogy in the sciences. This event is open to faculty, post-docs, and grad students.
Email: cfcd@wes for details.

Thursday, 4/3, 4pm in VVO 110
Astro Colloquium: “The Co-Evolution of Black Holes and Galaxies over Cosmic Time”
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