Re-aluminizing the 24″ Perkin Telescope Mirror

Periodically, telescopes need to have their mirrors cleaned and coated with a new layer of shiny aluminum. Here are some photos of the removal of the 24″ mirror and preparation to ship it off for re-aluminizing on May 9th, 2013.

IMG_2084 The telescope backplane with all instruments removed.

IMG_2086 Astronomy professor Seth Redfield and Bruce Strickland from the Wes science machine shop move the lift into place for lowering the mirror cell.

IMG_2088 Dave Strickland from the science machine shop aligns the lift. The mirror cell rests on metal cylinders as it is lowered from the telescope.

IMG_2090 Dave Strickland removes the central tube from the 24″ mirror cell.

IMG_2095 The mirror cell rests on blocks as we prepare to remove the mirror itself.

IMG_2097 The 24″ mirror. As you can see, the surface looks a bit dirty.

IMG_2099 One last look at the mirror before we seal it in its box.

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